Most Guys Are Only Operating at 70%

Let me explain…

With all the chemicals in the environment.

Radiation, phthalates… plastics in our food, water, and environment.

We’re only operating at 70%.

So, our testosterone production is really at 70% of what it could be.

We’re only using 70% of our hormonal production.

Mojo helps you unlock all of it.

People want to know, is Mojo all-natural?

Do I need to cycle off?

Is Mojo messing with your own hormone production?

No, it’s helping you get it to where it should be.

The world we live in is messing up with our own hormone production.

Most men are optimally at 70%.

Some are operating at 50%.

With Mojo we’ve seen guys double their testosterone.

Those are the hyper-responders.

And we’ve seen guys just get a 20% boost, which is kind of the lower end.

But we see anywhere from a 20% to 50% increase.

There’s a limiter on your testosterone.

Similar to buying a Mercedes, where a limiter doesn’t even let you hit Max speed.

The world has put a limiter on you.

They don’t want you experiencing all of your testosterone.

The world is turning you into beta boys.

Guys are beginning to wake up to this.

This is why Kino Mojo is our best-selling supplement, and The Mojo Stack is our best-selling stack.

This helps you reclaim that 20-50% of testosterone that has been missing from your life.

The levels you should have naturally.

The testosterone levels your great-grandfather and his father had.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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