Most Painful Friend Zone Situation Ever… Ouch!

Just got off the phone with a friend of mine who got friend-zoned HARD this weekend on a date.

Painful story.

He sent me the text he received from this beautiful woman, who was 100% into him…

But she then left their date without saying goodbye.

Let’s discuss!

Note: The term “Irished” means “Irish Goodbye”. Leaving an event or party without saying goodbye.

So this woman is in his friend group but they just recently met two months ago.

He’s in his early 40s, and she just turned 30.

They hit it off a few weeks back when they hung out in a group, so he sent her a DM on Facebook Saturday morning.

Once he told me the full story about this tragic event, I HAD to see the Facebook DM.

He sent it to me and knows I’m going to share this on Twitter and my newsletter.

So I blacked out some details.

Not bad.

With super short notice, he got her phone number, and it looks like she’s interested.

I mean it is Saturday morning…

And she was up for meeting on Saturday night.

Good sign.

I asked to see the first text he sent to her phone number.

Again, not too bad.

And she actually got to the bar before he did.

I blacked out the name of the bar.

It’s in Sacramento and doubt anyone would recognize it, but want to respect my buddy’s privacy.

“Minnesota” is her nickname but used her real name here, so I also blacked that out.

So he gets in the bar, and she’s sitting there.

I guess she’s wearing nicer clothes than normal.

Slightly revealing but classy.

He described her as looking like the actress Nina Dobrev… brown hair, flawless tan skin, and dark brown eyes.

This isn’t a picture of her, obviously… but he sent me a pic and she does look similar to this.

Pretty smokin’ hot.

So this is a bar he goes to often with his friends. They play pool and darts, and there is even a tiny dance floor in the corner I guess.

She lives about 3 blocks from this bar (this will be a key fact later).

He gets to the bar and when she sees him, she has a huge smile on her face, hugs him and says “I’m so glad you made it!”.

She hugs him once and kind of goes in for another and rubs his back during the 2nd hug.

All good so far…

He tells me that when she is talking to him, she is showing all the signs of interest.

Touching his lower back, arms, leaning in when they are talking.

But he said he started to overthink it… And he was so attracted to her he stopped being himself.

He’s a good-looking guy.

But is in a bad funk right now.

Confidence levels are low, and I think his self-image reflects that.

He doesn’t feel worthy of a beautiful woman.

I bet it shows.

He never approaches girls. When a girl does find him attractive, I think there is a bit of self-sabotage happening.

Back to the date…

As the date went on, he kept seeing obvious signs of attraction.

He tells me…

“She even brought up that she used to sneak up late at night as a kid and watch late-night Cinemax because she loved seeing nudity in movies.”

“We talked about sex. She mentioned more than once that she lived three blocks from the bar.”

“But I don’t know what happened, I was tightening up. Wasn’t as smooth or charming as I normally am.”

“She touched the middle of my back as we talked and leaned on my shoulder at one point. I put my hand on her knee but was hesitant about it. Then I pulled my hand off.”

“I even had friends in the bar ask me why I was being so quiet.”

“And get this… a guy who looked homeless sat on the other side of her. She starts talking to him.”

“My friend Tom says… You only need to have more game than the homeless guy. Come on! You need to act like yourself. Dude, TALK to her!”

“I laughed, and I tried talking to her, but everything I said came out slightly awkward.”

“She got up, and I thought she was walking to the bathroom.”

“About 15 minutes pass, and one of my other friends comes over and says… I guess Minnesota went home.”

“I was in shock. I thought I had more time. In my mind, I was eventually going to try and make a move. Or maybe I was just fooling myself.”

“I text her just to be sure, which is when I got her response.”

“I’m devastated. I haven’t been able to sleep well since this happened.”

He tells me he had a rough 2023 and isn’t feeling great about himself.

Has had a few challenges and hasn’t dated for the past several years.

He’s a good-looking guy with a great personality.

I think when he hung out with her in his group of friends, he had no idea she was attracted to him at first.

So he was able to be himself… which people are drawn to.

She was attracted to THAT guy (his real self).

She became less attracted to him as she felt his awkward, unnatural energy.

He was also lacking the masculinity to keep a girl like that interested.

He should have moved things forward.

There was simply too much self-doubt on his part, and I’m sure she felt it.

He was his own worst enemy.

Reminds me of this epic scene from Batman Begins.

I f*ckn love this “Will to Act” scene.

Bruce Wayne is acting hesitant. He has tons of training. Knows what to do but isn’t fighting to his full potential.

Liam Neeson pisses him off by talking about his father.

“Your parents’ death was not your fault. It was your father’s.”

“Anger does not change the fact that your father failed to act.”

Bruce Wayne then digs into his true masculine energy and takes Liam down.

My friend is really beating himself up over this girl.

I can tell it really did a number on him, but he’s pissed and is ready to make a change.

Sometimes, it takes something painful like this to push you into action.

I want to help him get to a place where he feels like he deserves an attractive quality woman.

He needs to embrace his masculine power.

Not just look good but be that powerful, confident man women are drawn to and stay attracted to.

My buddy needs to be in a place where he doesn’t fail to act when he sees a woman he wants.

He can’t lock up like this.

I think a lot of guys mess up by not showing desire towards a woman, and they get friend-zoned.

There’s a belief that women don’t really want sex.

Then guys act like they don’t want sex.

They become too polite and asexual.

Women want sex as much, if not more, than men.

His date did, for sure!

I told him, “You know that girl 100% went into the date thinking you guys were going to wind up back at her place for the evening.”

I continued and wanted to mess with him in a fun way, “I bet she was wearing sexy lingerie and was anticipating a hot night all day leading up to the date.”

“I’m sure she was disappointed that you weren’t taking the natural masculine role.”

“When you got in your own way, she became sexually frustrated and left.”

“I think you gave her Blue Bean.” <— lmao

“She probably pulled out her vibrator when she got home.”

I wanted to tell my friend’s experience this past weekend because this type of thing happens all the time to men.

My friend is missing out on one of the best things in life…

Sex with a beautiful woman who’s into him.

He could have been back at her place on Saturday night.

He should have been the one exploring her body and giving her orgasms. Instead, he failed to act.

He knows he screwed up and said, “I bet I’ll still be thinking about this night well into old age.”

I told him, “Yep, but let’s work on some of your beliefs and get you to a place where you are proud of yourself.”

“Use this painful experience to get mad and make some changes.”

“You have been playing small in your career and life in general.”

I know there are countless men who are living lives of quiet despair.

You feel stuck -or- hope that things will get better.

But just hoping without radical action is how years and decades go by without anything good happening.

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When I was in my early 20s, I was shy and stuck in my shell.

When my friend was telling me about his date this past weekend, I knew exactly what was going on in his head.

I think all guys have horrifying stories of dropping the ball with a girl.

It’s a terrible place to be mentally.

I want to teach you the mindset it takes to turn your life around. To go from soft to hard physically and mentally.

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Greg O’Gallagher


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