My “2 X 2 Method” Creates Rapid Improvements

I’m releasing a new program next week.

Simplifying things.

Taking away the pish-posh.

I’ve noticed that there is a tendency to add more and more fluff to our lives.

People are in a constant state of distraction.

Honestly, it’s gotten really bad.

This information overload and trying to do too many things at once is holding people back.

I’m not immune to this either.

But I have improved in this area in a major way.

I did a hard reset earlier this year.

Cut away the excess and streamlined a f*ckn incredible method to get in shape.

I call it the “2 X 2 Method”.

  • 2 workouts per week
  • 2 hard sets per muscle group (one heavy, one light)
  • 2 walks per day (30-40 minutes)
  • 2 meals per day (small and big + dessert)

I’ve created a course on this.

This will also give you access to a special group on the Skool platform

And we’ll cover more than just the 2 X 2 approach.

There will be a strong focus on simplifying your life in general.

Increasing focus.

Kicking ass in all areas of life.

More on that tomorrow.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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