My Best Transformations

Some of my best transformations have this in common.

They are typically the result of doing several of the Kino Programs.

Rotating the programs over a period of time.

Most of my best transformations have used a mix of Movie Star, Greek God, and Superhero.

Incredible transformations like this don’t happen overnight.

Here is an approach I’ve seen work well.

Gain 12 lbs of new muscle with Greek God in 6 months.. and another 8 lbs on Superhero in 8 months.

So that is 20 pounds of muscle gain.

At that point is a good time for Movie Star Body to get shredded.

Followed by Lazy Ripped and/or mix in a 2-month round of Movie Star Bodyweight.

Get these five programs, and you will be in an incredible spot.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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