My Fitness Affiliate Journey (First 3-4 Years)

Yesterday I sent an email about our affiliate program for Kino Supplements.

I believe starting out as an affiliate is by far the best way to begin a career online.

This is what I did.

I started in 2010.

My first goal was $300 per month because my mentor Rusty Moore considered that the tipping point.

This is about $10 per day.

It seemed doable, and I believe I hit that in month 4 or month 5.

I made zero dollars in the first 2 months.

My family was NOT happy.

But I believed in myself and trusted it would pay off.

From months 6-12, things picked up a bit. I made $10,000 total in my first full year.

Income accelerates as your skills and traffic improve.

This is kind of cool…

Rusty recently found and clipped an old conversation we had on Facebook from 2014 (my 5th year).

In case this is too small to read…

Here’s the breakdown of my first 4 years.

  • 1st year – $10,000
  • 2nd year – $30,000
  • 3rd year – $75,000
  • 4th year – $200,000

This chat with Rusty is from July 2014, and the goal for that year was $400,000.

I was on track to do that (wound up doing more).

I was still driving an old car…

So after 4.5 years of consistent work, I bought my dream car.

A 2012 Audi A7.

This car was two years old when I got it but it felt new, and I loved it.

I have a soft spot for this car.

I’ve had spendier cars since then, but this is the first big purchase that came as a result of believing in myself…

Working hard before any money came in.

Continuing to work hard, making less than all of my friends who had traditional jobs.

And if it wasn’t for affiliate marketing, I’m not sure any of this would have happened.

Affiliate marketing teaches you the skills of online marketing on a manageable level.

I really recommend starting this way.

Get to $50,000+ and then launch your own products.

This is what I wound up doing in year 3.

I would have killed to promote something like Mojo back when I started.

Commissions are 25%, which is roughly $10 per single bottle for most of our supplements (stacks are a lot more).

So if you average 1 sale per day?

That is $300 per month.

I believe with social media and instant traffic; there is potential to get to this point quicker than I did.

I was writing blog posts that wouldn’t get traffic until 2-3 months later when Google picked them up and ranked them.

So just get to $300 per month and then keep pushing.

It worked out pretty well for me.

Here’s how you signup to become an affiliate.

  • Join the Kinobody Affiliate Discord
  • In Discord click “start-here”
  • Follow the signup instructions we outline
  • Look for an email titled “Welcome aboard!”
  • Click the “Complete Signup” button and choose your password

I have no doubt several super-affiliates will come from this.

I have no idea who that will be.

Whoever pushes hard and keeps pushing is who will make it big.

Can’t wait to see all this unfold.

Excited for you!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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