My In-Person “Inner Circle” Group

I have an opportunity for a select few.

I have an inner circle that I open up 1-2 times a year for about 9-10 people.

What is it exactly?

The easiest way for me to explain this is to tell you how it started.

First of all…

I didn’t even plan on having an inner circle.

A couple of years ago, we started taking on coaching clients.

Almost all of our coaching clients got into Movie Star Shape by working directly with us.

Their lives changed.

But a portion of these guys wanted even more guidance.

Not just about getting in shape but also getting business advice from me.

A lot of business advice being sold is outdated.

What works online changes quickly, and the guys out there in the trenches, like me, don’t have time to write a course and teach to others.

I am too busy implementing to write a course…

But I had an idea.

  • A 6 month “inner circle” program
  • Two 3-Day live events with dinners, workouts, and mastermind sessions
  • Weekly inner circle calls with me as well
  • Access to my private Slack group

I believed if I kept the group small, I could give each person the attention and advice needed to ensure massive success.

It turned out better than I anticipated.

Here’s who I can help.

Guys who are already somewhat successful in life but want to drastically level up their relationships, social life, and business.

I’m looking to build a tight-knit group.

It’s extremely powerful to connect with like-minded achievers.

  • When you meet with these guys in person, you will form strong friendships and bonds.
  • With the weekly calls, you will have direct access to me, where I can keep you on track, answer questions, etc.
  • In the Slack group, you’ll engage with fellow Mastermind members, share insights, ask questions and celebrate wins, etc.

A common thing I notice among everyone in this circle.

You will begin to think bigger.

I don’t know what your goals are.

But I do know that you will have grander ambitions after hanging in my Inner Circle.

Everyone does.

There is probably something holding you back.

It could be a belief.

It could be a tactic or strategy you haven’t thought of.

We will tackle that.

If your business or life is at a plateau and you want unlock your full potential… fill out a few questions on this form:

Greg’s Private Inner Circle & Mastermind

After you fill this out, we will be in contact to see if it is a mutual fit.

One more thing…

We also have a f*cking blast at these in-person events.

Too much fun and hilarious stories.

If this sounds good, click the link above.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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