My Most Versatile Shirt

The entire Kino Clothing lineup is awesome.

Great fit.

Built to last.

Incredible fabrics.

If I had to pick a clothing item for versatility?

It would have to be our bamboo shirts.

Bamboo is breathable.

So it is incredible in warm or humid climates.

The fabric is soft and has a slight stretch to it.

Our bamboo shirts are tailored too.

The fit is on point.

When you see these bamboo shirts in person, you can immediately tell that these aren’t typical t-shirts.

The premium material stands out immediately.

Because of this, they can be worn casually -or- they can be dressed up.

Like with a pair of slacks and loafers if you are on vacation in a warm climate.

Or under a blazer at night if you are going to a nice dinner.

I recommend snagging one of the bamboo pocket tees and one bamboo henley.

Get them here.

Kino Clothing Summer Lineup 2023

These will absolutely sell out quickly.

Add them to your wardrobe while they are still available.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher