My Thoughts on MCTs for Weight Loss

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a fat with interesting properties.

This fat provides steady energy, and it has also been shown to reduce appetite as well as optimize the growth of good gut bacteria.

In addition to that…

There are dozens of studies showing it helps with weight loss.

Here are a few titles of the research showing the weight loss benefits of MCTs.

So the body oxidizes (burns) more body fat…

And less food is consumed throughout the day.

If fat loss is your goal, MCTs are incredible to include in your diet.

I was considering selling a Kino MCT oil separately but discovered that MCT oil can come in a powder format.

This gave me an idea.

What if we included this in our Kino Collagen Protein?

This is exactly what we wound up doing.

The MCT oil powder makes the flavors richer and more satisfying.

This fat also stops any chance of big insulin spikes.

What I like to do is train fasted after drinking Octane earlier in the day.

Then I’ll drink Kino Collagen Protein AFTER the workout.

The Collagen feeds your muscles protein and the MCTs give steady energy while accelerating the rate of fat loss.

If you want to get shredded?

It’s the perfect post-workout protein supplement.

It’s fine to have this before your workout as well.

Octane + our superior Collagen formulation are such a good combo when you want to get lean that we decided to offer them in a bundle called “The Lean Stack”.

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