No Need for Cologne

Cologne is kind of obnoxious and intrusive.

I’ve walked past guys who wear so much cologne that my nostrils feel violated.

Like when you can still smell it 2-3 minutes after they walk by.

No need to rely on cologne.

Especially since it masks your natural smell.

Women are attracted to a man’s natural smell and there are several studies that back this.

This study focused on androstadienone, considered a male chemical signal.

When women smelled it in men’s sweat…

It improved their mood, they got sexually aroused and had increased blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

I’m sure you have experienced smelling a girl that was just intoxicating.

I know I have.

Their smell has the same power.

Nothing smells better than a stunning woman you are attracted to.

I don’t mind if a woman has a hint of perfume.

Like the lightest amount.

If it is too much, it’s a no-go.

Heavy amounts of those chemicals make it hard to breathe.

Plus, the phthalates in her perfume are absolute pish posh.

I don’t even want to be breathing in pish posh for four hours straight – diminishing my top-tier testosterone levels.

Imagine how wrecked a limp-noodle beta boy would get when exposed to these phthalates.

No wonder they wind up driving a Subaru Outback.

Choosing to eat blackberries instead of Fuji Apples.

What a f*ckning distaster.

So don’t wear cologne.

It seriously makes a difference.

Recently, I was spending the weekend with a girl…

We hadn’t seen each other in months.

She was lying on top of me with her face buried onto my chest.

And she kept saying…

“How do you smell so good naturally? It’s like you’re wearing cologne.”

You see when you get in great shape.

Get your testosterone to a great spot naturally you become intoxicating.

You smell good naturally.

This can take time, of course.

But some women will hyper-respond to your natural scent.

These are women you are a good genetic match with.

You have a complementary immune system.

Don’t mess with nature.


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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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