No Pish-Posh (Backed By Science)

People screw around too much in the gym.

There’s a lack of focus.

A lack of intensity.

I think people believe the longer you spend in the gym and the more sets you do, the better results you will get.

It doesn’t work like that!

It’s better to get in and laser target that focus to 5, maybe 6 exercises.

Lift heavy, then go on with your day.

I remember feeling like these short workouts weren’t enough.

But I care about results more than effort.

If you don’t use steroids, you have to keep the efforts brief with plenty of rest in between workouts.

This is why 2-3 workouts per week is plenty.

This is also why you want the actual workouts to be brief.

You don’t need a ton of sets in each workout to become stronger and add muscle.

There is actually a recent study that backs this.

This was a 6-month study.

It consisted of women ages 24-25 who had lifted for at least 3 years.

They trained three days per week and were separated into 4 different groups.

  • Group 1: 5 sets per workout
  • Group 2: 10 sets per workout
  • Group 3: 15 sets per workout
  • Group 4: 20 sets per workout

Some of the findings…

The 5 and 10 set groups showed significantly greater increases in strength than the 15 and 20 set groups in all measured sites.

The 20-set group had the worst performance in strength and muscle size… about a quarter of the gains that the 10 set group did.

The 5 and 10 set groups experienced more muscle growth than the 15 and 10 set groups.

I don’t think it means 5 sets are the ideal number of sets.

The key takeaway is this…

Too many sets can backfire since you become spread too thin.

No single set is intense enough to stimulate growth.

So my advice is to get all the pish-posh out of your routine and focus on just getting quality sets in the key lifts.

Then get out of the gym.

With that extra time, you can get your daily steps in.

I outline the set and rep range you should aim for in my flagship course.

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No pish-posh.

Simply outstanding results in strength and muscle gains.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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