One Year on the Mojo… Wow!!!

Check this out.

I’ve posted about a former pro basketball from Turkey before.

His name is Okay Ogut.

He sent me an impressive before and after.

This was a result of doing Movie Star and taking The Mojo Stack.

These are impressive results, no doubt.

But it gets even better.

He kept taking the Mojo Stack.

Lifts went up, and he even got more shredded.

Then, earlier this month, he sent me his recent bloodwork.

Before I show you his most recent blood work, here’s a test he had done about a year and a half ago.

This is from the spring of 2022.

He’s at 302 total T.

His free T is at 7.7 (towards the low end here).

He began taking Mojo in November of 2022.

He didn’t get a test done right before he started, but it’s likely he was around the T levels he had in spring of that year.

Fast forward one year.

Earlier this month, he got his blood work done again.

Check this out!

One year on the Mojo results.


His Total T has gone from 302 to 757.

His Free T is outside the normal range.

It went from 7 to 25.

This is seriously better results than guys hitting TRT.

I don’t know what else to tell you.

You f*cking have to try this.

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