Patience Makes All the Difference

I’m loving Spain.

I’ve been posting a few pics, but mainly just soaking it all in here.

Enjoying the moment.

Just wanted to zip out a quick email.

Here’s a recent pic I posted on Instagram.

Pretty girl, nice weather, sweet boat, etc.

I’m also wearing one of my favorite shirts I picked up for this trip.

Total power shirt.


I was reading the comments.

Someone posted this…

Here’s the thing.

What you see now is the result of 12+ years of working in my business.

You would NOT have been impressed with my business when I made $10,000 that first year.

Or my second year ($30,000).

Things started taking off in years 3 and 4.

I got my start those first 2-3 years with affiliate marketing and remember EXACTLY what it felt like starting out.

I want to teach the path I took with affiliate marketing.

It isn’t even that hard.

I just think people give up…

Because they expect sales on day #1 and think of themselves as a failure when they “only” have a $300 month in month 3 or 4.

*I’m glad I didn’t quit when I made $0 in months 1 and 2.

I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing because it is where I got my start.

I would love to help you learn all of these skills with our new Kinobody Affiliate program.

Here’s how you signup to become an affiliate.

  • Join the Kinobody Affiliate Discord
  • In Discord click “start-here”
  • Follow the signup instructions we outline
  • Look for an email titled “Welcome aboard!”
  • Click the “Complete Signup” button and choose your password

One thing…

We are still putting everything together.

We appreciate your patience.

I recommend signing up now so once everything is working properly, you can hit the ground running.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher