Paul Saladino is 100% Wrong About Calories & Fat Loss

So, a well-respected health figure named Paul Saladino called me out recently for discussing how to set calories for fat loss.

We have chatted before online and I actually like him a lot.

His stance is that restricting and counting calories doesn’t work. That we are fat not because of eating too much but because we are eating the wrong foods.

I think his approach can be a great framework.

Eating high-quality meats and nutritious fruits predominately.

And I believe he has since supported eating some rice or potatoes in the diet to support performance.

*Paul used to be purely on a carnivore diet, but according to an interview on YouTube with Thomas DeLauer late last year, he now eats 300 grams of carbs per day.

Now, the people who acknowledge calories matter and counting calories is effective for fat loss…

This group often recommends too few calories, and they don’t teach a solid framework to make it easy.

Understand, the calorie deficit must be in place.

But don’t go too low in calories.

Moderate fat loss is key.

Next, understand that being in a deficit is hard, so eat mostly very filling satiating foods and meals.

Lean meat, eggs, fruit, potatoes etc.

Then fit in your favorite foods here and there so you love your diet, and you can see yourself doing it for life 🙂

The best diet in the world is useless if you can’t adhere to it in the long term

Now some people, usually low IQ people, hate the idea of having to track calories.

They want to just turn their mind off and have daddy tell them they can only eat xyz.

They like simple answers like – processed food is the reason why you’re fat or seed oils or xyz.

If Paul’s approach is what gets them to finally get leaner and healthier?

I’m all for it.

That doesn’t disprove calorie restriction.

His stance on fat loss is dead wrong!!!

Fat loss REQUIRES a deficit. Every… single… time.

I could easily eat 3000+ calories daily of meat and fruits and gain weight.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Track your calories consistently for 2 weeks
  • Eat the most satiating filling foods
  • Follow a simple meal setup
  • After 2 weeks, just eyeball it

If you are losing fat, you don’t need to track calories

I agree with Paul that you don’t want to be tracking every single calorie year-round.

You’re going to burn out if you do that.

But that doesn’t mean that calories don’t matter.

Of course, they do.

The key is to figure out the easiest most effortless way to hit in the ballpark of calories you are aiming for.

Tomorrow, I’ll outline my favorite lunch for making it easy to stay lean.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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