Performance Anxiety – When It Happened to Me

“What is wrong with me?” I thought to myself.

I have this incredibly hot girl who is giving the most obvious signals ever to take things into the bedroom.

She’s sweet, beautiful, and smells great.

My mind wanted to do it, but something was off.


Let me rewind a bit and explain the night I disappointed a stunning girl who was absolutely into me.

I’m a momentum person.

When I’m used to being with a girl…

The frequency of sex ramps up the longer I’m with them.

Takes me a little to get used to hooking up with a new person.

But once we connect, it’s on!

I remember taking out a couple of girls with my buddy in Toronto.

Both were absolutely stunning.

We hit up a nice restaurant downtown.

Then went out to a club in Toronto.

I didn’t even drink that much as I was driving home.

I beat my friend home.

I was driving in the Urus.

And I throw on some Depeche Mode.

We got to the backyard overlooking the veranda.

Things were heating up and about to get serious.

But I remember feeling a little anxious.

After a recent break-up, my body wasn’t responding.

I had an absolutely beautiful blonde (I usually go for brunettes).

And she was beyond excited for a hot night.

I told her, “Let’s save it.”

It was annoying.

My mind wanted things to progress.

But my body wasn’t responding.

The next day I started to do a little research.

I knew it was mostly in my head from just coming off a break-up.

But wanted something to give me a little edge.

I started to look at the benefits of pine bark extract, grape seed extract, and arugula extract (very potent at pumping up nitric oxide production).

I started playing around with these ingredients.

I made a little second date plan with the girl from the other night I teased lol.

She was down.

I hit some caps of arugula, grape, and pine bark and she came over to my place downtown.

Before we could even leave to go out and get a drink.

Things started to get heated…

Three rounds and we looked like Mr. and Mrs. Smith after they blow up their house.

After our final round she is lying in bed and says this…

“Wow, I’m worn out. You can do some damage!”

We both start laughing.

I think I took her by surprise since that first night we went out was such a letdown.

I got her an Uber home.

And two days later she was trying to make plans for another sleepover.

From that moment on, I love to have pine bark extract as a nice insurance policy.

You always feel ready to go.

Even if you are a little nervous, it’s nothing to worry about.

Since then, I’ve created my own formula and it’s fkn epic.

Kino Nitro is a combination of 6 ingredients that I used to take separately.

You really need this especially when you’re in dating mode.

A few things you will notice.

  • Your body is ready to respond much quicker. You get that semi when things just start to get physical.
  • There is considerably much more blood flow. Harder and fuller. It’s like your soldier is trying to leave your body. Skin stretching, etc.
  • You have just this extra confidence. Because you know you have a volcano of blood flow ready to go at your fingertips.

You really do feel empowered with Nitro.

I know a lot of people get bashful when it comes to discussing sex.

But women want sex as much as guys do.

And when you have GREAT sex with a beautiful woman you are attracted to…

And she experienced powerful orgasms.

She gets bonded to you from the Oxytocin release.

If you have bad sex or can’t perform, you lose this chance to create intense attraction.

Most likely, she will ghost you.

Or come up with excuses why she can’t see you again.

To me, it’s too important to risk losing an incredible woman over such an easy fix.

Take Kino Nitro

Half the reason men are driven to do good things is to experience wonderful sex with an incredible woman.

It’s one of the best things in life.

Don’t drop the ball when that happens.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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