Proof… That 2 Days Per Week Works!

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s email titled “2 Workouts Per Week – Is it Enough?”.

I wanted to show proof.

I got a handful of my close friends doing my 2-day system

It’s working crazy well.

Insane recovery, strength gains, and upper body popping.

Here’s my buddy Elliot.

What is funny is people don’t believe this is possible.

The Beta Boys don’t believe I train just twice a week.

It’s a massive paradigm shift.

They don’t believe it.

Look, I see it differently.

I think most people are going to the gym and they don’t know how much weight they did last time.

They’re not tracking ANYTHING.

They’re going through these sets with 70-80% effort.

Arnold said it best.

It’s when you push the envelope… it’s that last rep that creates muscle growth.

So you can be in the gym for two to three hours a day and just kind of put in 80-85% effort.

You don’t know if you went up in weight, or went down in weight.

You just run in circles instead.

What I do is peel back to the absolute core of what I need to do.

I focus on the incline, chin-ups, Bulgarian, the shoulder press, and I focus on pushing hard and getting that PR.

As these weights go up, the better my physique looks.

The formula for looking incredible is this…

How strong are you on weighted chin-ups for five reps?

Incline press for five reps?

Shoulder press for five reps?

The stronger you are on these movements, plus the leaner you are, the better you look.

That’s the formula.

You can get the entire workout and blueprint I’ve been using in 2023 here…

Lazy Ripped (FREE With 2 Month Mojo + Nitro Purchase)

*Also new “Program Only” Option just added*

It took me a few months to dial this system in.

But I now feel this is the perfect 2-day setup.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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