Reduce Cortisol That Causes Stubborn Belly Fat

Are you familiar with Phosphatidylserine?

A long hard-to-pronounce name, so most of us use “PS” when referring to it.

PS has not only been shown to improve memory and cognitive functions, but it also helps lower cortisol.

This is one of the key ingredients in Kino Brain.

*We included PS mainly for the ability to improve focus, but an incredible side benefit is that it lowers cortisol levels.

PS also had a study showing a significant improvement in anaerobic capacity.

It’s possible that it will help you get an extra rep or two in your workouts.

This is just 1 of the 6 major ingredients in Kino Brain.

We created this to be the ultimate supplement for laser focus… giving you the mental ability to hit your goals and level up your life.

An added benefit of Kino Brain is it could help you reduce fat around your midsection.

By reducing cortisol.

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