Sleazy Fitness Influencers and Scammers

Most fitness influencers with a big following are on the juice.

This is common outside of the fitness industry as well.

When Lance Armstong got caught doping, people acted like he was the only one.

Everyone in cycling was doping.

He just got caught.

Fitness isn’t that different.

Most of the top trainers and influencers are on shit. Some are honest about but most outright lie.

This was the inspiration behind my Is There No One Else video.

*This is a 7-minute video that gets pretty intense at the 2-minute mark.

I just get seriously f*ckn irritated at 90% of people leading the fitness industry.

No one wants to show blood work.

Legit no one.

I’m one of the few…

Showing proof and showing what can be achieved as a natural with a lifelong commitment.

This has always been important to me.

I stay in excellent condition year-round, following the exact methods I teach.

I snapped this pic about a month ago.

I strive to be a strong example of what can be achieved naturally.

I’d love to see leaders in fitness step up and show f*ckn blood work.

The most harmful part of is this…

What these guys are TEACHING won’t work if you are a natural lifter.

They can’t teach this.

Because they don’t know how to get in incredible shape without their drugs.

This is why Movie Star Masterclass is such a unique program.

People who have been let down by EVERY other program are transforming their bodies and getting shredded.

Most workout courses are such a scam.

I look at them and think, “There’s not a chance in hell this will work for a natural lifter.”

I will put the Kinobody transformations up against ANY program.

Nothing comes f*ckn close.

It has come to the point that our transformations now get stolen and used to sell other programs and supplements.

This happens all the time.

Don’t fall for the imitators.

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