This Tall 6’4″ Guy Got Jacked!

Another ridiculous testimonial.

This time a tall, handsome 6’4″ guy named Michael.

Hide your girlfriend.

This guy already looked great in his before photo.

But he added 11 pounds of pure muscle in just 4 months.

He posted this in the Kino Facebook Group.

Look at his shoulders!

He started at 180 and went to 191 in 4 months.

He definitely is at single-digit body fat levels and looks just as lean if not leaner in his after pic.

According to Michael…

“Im 24 years old 6’4. This a 4 month transformation. All I do is take Kino Mojo + Nitro + Octane + Creatine + protein shake + Intermediate fasting + 3 days a week reverse pyramid training.”

Thanks for sharing, Michael.

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