The Kino App

A quick update on the Kino App.

The app is done.

But I want to make it f*ckn perfect.

Sometimes, good things take time, so we are going to launch in September.

That being said…

I want to do something amazing for summer.

I don’t want to make this announcement on the weekend, because it’s a big one.

I’ll save it for Monday.

On Monday, look for an email titled…

“Kino Summer 2024 – Don’t Miss This!”

This is going to be epic.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Just posted a new Vlog on YouTube.

Lifting the Heaviest Dumbbells in London | Huge Workout

Showing off my English accent skills in the beginning.

Lifting heavy weights, eating steaks, walking around this beautiful city.

All good, except Alyssa not fully appreciating the present moment when we are doing some grounding on the grass, lmao.