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The Lean Stack (Collagen + Octane) makes it incredibly simple to lose stubborn body fat.

  • Drink a serving of Octane during your 4-5 hour fast in the morning
  • Mix Collagen in 2% Greek Yogurt for lunch (with sliced bananas and a rice crispy square)
  • Have a cup of coffee in the afternoon
  • Eat a sensible filling dinner
  • Before bed, have a Magnum Ice Cream Bar (or 300 calorie snack of your choice)

It really is that simple.

Don’t overcomplicate this.

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We are running this sale on these 4 Collagen/Octane flavor combos.

  • Chocolate/Tropic Thunder
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Tropic Thunder
  • Chocolate/Grape
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Grape

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Lose that last bit of stubborn body fat in September and October.

The Lean Stack (Collagen + Octane) BOGO Sale

This will set you up perfectly for a lean bulk during the holidays in November and December.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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