The Leanest Kino Warriors Swear by This…

I know companies are sending tons of emails around Black Friday.

I’ll be quick here.

Our Best-Selling stack, The Lean Stack, is 50% OFF right now if you subscribe to it.

Lean Stack 50% OFF Black Friday Supplement Sale

This is the easiest way to get lean.

  • Octane in the morning
  • First Meal (500-600 calories): Collagen mixed with Greek Yogurt, a sliced Banana and Peanut Butter + Rice Crispy Square
  • Dinner: Steak + Potatoes + Green Vegetables

You can even have a small 300-calorie dessert like dark chocolate or small ice cream bar if you are still hungry before bed.

I’ve NEVER seen this approach fail.

Also, all of our other supplements are on sale as well.

Kinobody Black Friday Supplement Sale

We will sell out of some of our more popular supplements.

So make sure and stock up ASAP.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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