The NEW Kino Group – Your Invitation

If you are getting this email, congrats!

By being a Mojo Stack customer you have qualified for the brand new “Mojo Mastery” private group and mastermind.

You should have already received your invite today.

Look for an email titled…

“Greg O’Gallagher invited you to join Mojo Mastery”

Once you get in there, the important thing is to click the “Classroom” tab and go through the 10 “Mojo Tenets” lessons.

The theme here is simple, powerful habits that dramatically move the needle.

Most people have too much complexity and not enough focus in their lives.

With these 10 Mojo Tenets…

I’m cutting away the fluff.

We are just getting started and plan to add more modules, etc.

Excited for this!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


We were going to call this The Mojo Club.

I decided I liked “Mojo Mastery” better.

Last year, we ran a 30-day Mojo Mastery Challenge.

The 30-day challenge was awesome because it got people to take action and build momentum.

It was a big success!

But it really takes 3-4 months to see dramatic results.

So, I wanted to create a group to help people in the long term.

A system that not only helps you get lean and chiseled.

Mojo Mastery is a complete system to transform your life in four key areas: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

We are just getting started.

See you inside the group!