The Stages of Testosterone Optimization

We aren’t meant to have low T levels.

As a man, living with low testosterone is like living in a fog.

Life isn’t as vibrant and rewarding.

How do you know if your T levels are low?

  • Waking up with a “soft noodle”
  • Low sex drive (one time per day is pushing it)
  • Hard work feels bad, and going to the gym feels like a chore

This can sneak up on guys.

We created Kino Mojo to snap guys out of this funk.

It works exceptionally well, but this testosterone boost happens in stages.

Here’s what to expect.

*First 4-5 Days*

The ingredients in Mojo are building up in your system. You may notice a slightly higher sex drive immediately but nothing crazy.

*Days 6-7*

This is when you should begin to see morning erections. A great sign that it’s beginning to do its work.

*By Week 2*

You should experience a serious increase in your sex drive. It’s pretty intense and could possibly even be distracting, but you will adjust to it after a few weeks.

*By Week 3*

You will have a higher confidence level and you will get really excited to hit the gym. You are no longer on autopilot, and it feels f*ckn great. Welcome back!

*After 4-6 Weeks*

You will start to notice improved gains in the gym and muscle retention. Lifting weights becomes absolutely rewarding.

*After 8 Weeks*

By week 8, you wonder what the heck you were doing before MOJO.

*After 12 Weeks*

You should see a significant improvement in your blood work. For most men, they will get a 25-50% increase in free T.

We have even had guys 2-3X their free T.

Results like these are what drive me to spread the word about Kino Mojo.

It works so incredibly well.

But you need to take it for 3 months to really experience the large increases in testosterone.

When you experience a 25%+ increase in free T?

You will know!

I challenge you to try this for 3 months and experience this for yourself.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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