The Start of Summer!

I know, technically, summer started last week.

But as a Canadian…

I really look at July 1st as the beginning of summer.

This happens to be “Canada Day.”

It’s very similar to July 4th in the US (BBQs, boating, drinks, fireworks, etc.)

This is when Toronto comes to life.

During a lot of the year, I enjoy Miami and LA.

But Toronto is absolutely magical in July, August, and September.

There’s no place I’d rather be this time of year.

Toronto is Canada’s major financial hub, like New York is for the US.

It is a hip and lively city like New York…

Not quite as big, but it has that slightly friendlier Canadian thing going for it.

I love it here.

I also love summer energy.

Don’t waste this magical time of year.

I’m still only in my early 30s, but I’m really beginning to realize just how precious summers are.

We don’t get an unlimited number of summers.

Someday when you are older, you will look back on your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

I think you will have regret if you didn’t really live life to the fullest at this time.

You can never go back.

If you aren’t kicking ass and living up to your full potential now?

Let’s change that.

Getting in the best shape of your life is such a good foundation.

This builds the discipline necessary to work on building your business and achieving financial goals, etc.

People will say money isn’t everything, and I agree…

But it simply feels f*ckn good to set a goal of driving a Lamborghini or Porsche and achieving that goal!

I know people will also say it’s “douchey” to post these types of photos.

I have a reason for it.

My goal is to slightly irritate you into taking action.

You KNOW you have the ability to have a shredded physique.

Same with achieving massive financial success.

I had a rant on Youtube about this last year.

I barely remember saying these exact words since I was worked up, but someone quoted me in the comments.

“The reason we’re pissed off isn’t because we CAN’T achieve our goals. The reason we are pissed off is because we CAN and don’t.”

This is some pretty deep stuff.

So my goal is to hopefully inspire you, but also to get under your skin a little.

Just enough to push you into action and wake up from living on autopilot.

I recommend two things that will drastically move you in the right direction.

Yes, this is my course and my best-selling stack.

Yes, I will also make money from this.

But this program will get you shredded, and the stack will get your free T raging and give you your drive back.

You will no longer get mad at my lifestyle pics.

You will take action and join me!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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