This is Blowing Up!

Yesterday we launched the biggest frickin deal in the history of Kinobody.

Movie Star Masterclass is unmatched as a workout program.

It has been the most transformative program in recent years.

The transformations are nuts.

This is a step-by-step training system and nutrition program.

I would have killed for a system like this when starting out.

Now when you combine this program with a few key supplements…

Movie Star Stack (Launch Special)

That’s when you progress really really fast!

Kino Octane – improves workout performance, energy, and recovery. You experience faster and more consistent gains in the gym (even while cutting).

Kino Collagen – helps with muscle recovery, increases satiety keeping you full, supports strong injury-proof joints, and helps with glowing skin and healthy hair.

Kino Mojo – is essential. One of the strongest drivers of a solid physique is your free testosterone level. The higher it is, the better gains you will experience, specifically in the shoulders, upper chest, and traps (key muscle areas). Mojo can give a 20-40% increase in free T helping you make faster gains and build up the key areas.

Kino Nitro – enhances blood flow. This improves performance, recovery, health, and skin appearance. Better pumps in the gym and rock-hard bedroom performance.

This fits together like a puzzle piece.

The Movie Star Stack + Movie Star Masterclass go so well together.

You don’t have to take these key supplements to transform.

But it sure as hell makes it way more effective and fun.

And for now…

You are essentially getting this entire program and all the key supplements for 67% OFF.

The value here is $450.

You get all of this for just $149.

Movie Star Stack (Launch Special)

Getting a $297 course for FREE is the biggest bonus we have ever offered.

This only goes for a few more days, so make sure and take advantage of this while it is still available.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


If you already subscribe to any of these 4 supplements.

Here’s what to do…

Just go to the “Manage Subscriptions” link at the bottom of the site.

You can then cancel any of the supplements you are subscribed to that are part of the Movie Star Stack.

Once you do that?

Head over to this page and snag this killer deal!

Movie Star Stack (Launch Special)