This “Oil” Helps With Weight Loss?

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a fat with interesting properties.

This fat provides steady energy, and it has also been shown to reduce appetite as well as optimize the growth of good gut bacteria.

In addition to that…

There are dozens of studies showing it helps with weight loss.

Here are a few titles of the research showing the weight loss benefits of MCTs.


So the body oxidizes (burns) more body fat…

And less food is consumed throughout the day without trying.

If fat loss is your goal?

MCTs are incredible to include in your diet.

This is why we decided to use MCT oil in our New Kino Crispy Bar

Other Rice Crispy bars use vegetable oils.

Not good.

Vegetable oils can contribute to inflammation and weight gain.

It’s best to limit those in your diet if you are trying to get shredded.

MCTs are much better!

I’m excited for you to try our delicious Crispies.

They come in boxes of 6.

But if you bulk order multiple boxes, you will get the best deal.

Details here…

Kino Crispy Bars

I recommend eating one with Greek Yogurt for lunch.

Or two bars on their own for lunch (this is what I do when I’m traveling).

Then have steak and potatoes for dinner.

Do this for 30 days, and getting leaner is almost automatic.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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