Tomorrow’s Big Sale…

I decided to run a sale this week.

Begins tomorrow.

I really like the idea of one last fat loss push before the holidays.

So I’m running a BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) sale for The Lean Stack.

The idea is this…

Get lean in September and October.

Gives you a bit more wiggle room in November and December.

I also find that November and December are a great time to add muscle.

The calories are going to be a little higher.

If you tighten your diet right before this?

You will add muscle without getting flabby.

It works exceptionally well.

I had one of my best surges of muscle growth in winter a few years back by doing this exact thing.

I tightened my diet in the fall and lean bulked in Nov and Dec.

I feel right after a period of dieting, the muscles are primed to grow.

Once you reintroduce more calories…

It creates a perfect anabolic environment.

So, beginning tomorrow, you can get 2 months’ worth of The Lean Stack for the price of 1.

We are doing it for these 4 Collagen/Octane flavor combos.

  • Chocolate/Tropic Thunder
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Tropic Thunder
  • Chocolate/Grape
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Grape

So get ready for tomorrow.

I’ll send an email as soon as the sale goes live.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher