Tongkat Ali – I Thought it Was a Scam

I used to be a big-time skeptic of Tongkat Ali.

How could a root of a plant actually increase testosterone levels?

Seemed like a scam.

Then, I did the research.

I just finished writing an article on what I found.

Does Tongkat Ali Really Boost Testosterone?

I still think there are fitness influencers who don’t understand that this is a legitimate way to increase testosterone.

I get it.

The fitness industry is filled with pish-posh supplements.

But Tongkat Ali is different.

There’s a reason why Kino Mojo is our best-selling supplement now.

Not only does Tongkat Ali work well.

Our particular source of Tongkat Ali is a potent source of Eurycomanone

This is the compound responsible for the pharmacologic (drug-like) effects of the plant on the body, including its potential ability to increase testosterone levels.

It’s what makes Mojo so awesome.

I explain this all in detail in my newest article.

Does Tongkat Ali Really Boost Testosterone?

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