Unlock Your Strength

People think of vitamin D mainly when it comes to absorbing calcium to build strong bones and teeth.

It goes beyond that.

Vitamin D is crucial for building and maintaining muscle strength and function.

I absolutely notice a difference when I’m in Miami.

Better energy.

I also gain strength and muscle down here more easily than in Toronto.

This is why we now offer a Kino Vitamin D+K supplement.

I personally love the way my body respnds when I’m in the Miami sunshine… I want this same feeling and effect year-round.

Which is why I now take this supplement daily.

I know you will benefit as well.

Vitamin D optimizes your gains and speeds up recovery.

There’s a lot of research to back this.

Multiple studies show that people with higher blood vitamin D levels display greater muscle strength and physical performance.

Those deficient in D tend to have reduced strength and function.

In one study of nearly 1,000 older adults[1], higher vitamin D status was associated with:

  • Increased grip strength
  • Better physical mobility
  • Enhanced ability to perform daily activities

Why does vitamin D matter so much for muscle function?

Vitamin D helps with muscle size and strength.

  • More muscle cell growth[2]
  • Stronger nerve impulses[3]

Many athletes and active individuals are still deficient despite training and being health-conscious.

That means less strength and muscle.

This is why I decided to offer a much-needed supplement.

Kinobody D3 + K2

We are offering this as a 6-month supply for $39.95 if you subscribe.

This comes out to less than .25 per day.

You are most likely deficient in vitamin D.

  • From staying inside too much
  • Or living in a Nothern climate

Supposedly, more than half of the overall population is deficient.

If you live in a higher latitude like the Northern US, Canada, Scandinavia, UK, etc.

That number goes up dramatically.

Here’s an easy fix…

Kinobody D3 + K2

As we enter the darker winter months, this makes an even bigger impact.

Grab it today.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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