[Warrior Shred] Going from Soft to Chiseled

Alright, I’ve sent out 7 daily emails so far.

I wanted to make sure that we covered the most important key points from the Warrior Shred course.

And add a few insights.

Going forward, I will just send out 2 emails per week.

And I want to talk about more than just getting in shape.

*There will be an overall concept of “Going from Soft to Chiseled.”

  • Guys are soft physically because their T levels are low.
  • Same with being soft mentally.
  • Being “soft” affects mental health and social life as well.
  • Soft guys make less money.
  • It also kills your chances with women.

I want to help guys get out of this chronic soft zone and excel in life.

Getting chiseled and shredded will help big time.

But I also want to talk about other aspects of life.

I have learned some concepts, mindsets, principles, etc… that can shake you out of a mediocre life.

I don’t have it all figured out.

But I want to share as much of the lessons I’ve learned as possible over the remaining 7 weeks.

Making an impact is what excites me most.

I look forward to sharing this stuff with you.

So let’s quickly summarize some of the key points I’ve covered in the first 7 days.

  • Fast for the first 5 hours each day and try to get some steps in while in a fasted state if possible.
  • Aim for 10,000+ steps per day.
  • Most movie stars train a minimum of 2 hours per day, 6 days per week when getting ready for their roles. They can do so since they are using pharmaceuticals… you CAN’T!
  • As a natural lifter, you need more recovery days than lifting days. You will make your best gains training 2-3 times per week.
  • To lose fat, aim for 13 calories per pound of your GOAL bodyweight.
  • Hit .8g of Protein per pound of bodyweight and split your remaining calories between Carbs and Fats.
  • Don’t go too low in carbs or fats since this will kill your testosterone levels.
  • If you are serious about maximizing your testosterone, take Kino Mojo daily. I’ve been blown away by the dramatic increases customers are experiencing (some customers experienced a 3X in their free T).
  • My favorite whole foods lunch is: 4-5 eggs, fruit, toast.
  • My favorite lunch I eat when I need to be more strict is: Bowl of 2% Greek Yogurt, mix in Kino Collagen Protein, and a sliced banana.
  • The Dinner that works without fail for getting lean is: 12-14 oz lean meat, potatoes, and some veggies.
  • I like to replace one cup of coffee per day with Octane. It provides steady energy, improves mood and focus, and kills hunger making it easier to fast.
  • Most workout plans I see have guys lifting 10-13 sets per muscle group. This will rarely turn out well for a natural lifter since they either get overtrained or they never hit proper intensity for muscle growth.
  • I recommend 2-3 sets per muscle group and just focusing on 1 key exercise for each muscle group.
  • My favorite key exercises are: Incline Dumbbell Press, Weighted Chin Ups, Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Bulgarian Split Squat, and Romanian Deadlift.
  • RPT (Reverse Pyramid Training) is the fastest way to get strong and add muscle from key lifts. After warmup, the 1st work set is using a weight where you hit close to failure at 5-6 reps. Rest 3 minutes before the 2nd work set. Simply reduce weight by 10% and aim to do 6-8 reps.
  • Increased blood flow improves energy, muscle growth, and fat loss. It increases energy by boosting oxygen circulation, delivers more nutrients to the muscle to accelerate muscle growth, and leads to activation of your fat-burning brown fat cells that help you get lean and stay lean.
  • If you want to increase blood flow our supplement, Kino Nitro has optimum levels of the most effective blood flow nutrients. It also acts as a natural Viagra and helps in the bedroom.
  • Our best-selling stack is The Mojo Stack contains Mojo & Nitro: Kino Mojo is our incredible testosterone-boosting supplement, and Kino Nitro is for blood flow. I recommend every male client, friend, relative, etc… to subscribe to this. A game changer.

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Alright, so those are the basics.

Going forward I’ll be expanding more on the idea of going from soft to chiseled.

Or soft to hard.

Probably some more personal stories and things a bit outside of diets and workouts some of the time.

It will be a good time!


Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Going forward, over the next 7 weeks, I’ll be sending out just 2 emails per week.

If you are already receiving my email newsletter, you will still get those.

So it is possible that you’ll occasionally get 2 emails in one day.

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