Watch “Swamp Kings” on Netflix!

Have a recommendation for you.

Swamp Kings on Netflix.

It’s about the Florida Gators football program from 2006-2009.

It focuses a lot on the coach, Urban Meyer, and their star quarterback, Tim Tebow.

I frickin loved their hardcore training scenes.

Their coach pushed them harder and was more competitive than any other coach in football.

Their goal was to go undefeated in 2008.

They got beat.

Tim Tebow was devastated and went in front of the camera post game and promised they would play harder than any team the rest of the season.

From this point on they were frightening!

This famous speech is now engraved on a plaque and posted at the college.

Winning the college football national championship might be one of the toughest accomplishment in sports.

There are roughly 130 football teams that are eligible.

Lose 1 game all season?

You most likely won’t have a shot at winning.

It’s f*ckin intense.

The workouts that the Florida Gators did back then matched this intensity.

They had midnight workouts on Friday nights.

They’d train from midnight to 2:30 AM instead of going out partying on the weekend.

It made them tough.

Helped make them champions.

As a kid, my life revolved around competitive sports.

Hockey mostly.

My soul misses sports.

Nothing gets your testosterone going more than scoring a TD or putting the puck in the net.

I loved this documentary because of the intensity and competitive spirit of that team.

Seeing a broken team rebuild and start to win.

But mostly the male competitive spirit.

As a man, I feel like it’s something we miss.

You finish up school, you get a job, you lift some weights.

You can become numb.

I love watching competitive athletes.

College football and the NFL are especially fun to watch because the athletes are so explosive.

It’s 5-second plays.

Most sports require incredible stamina and conditioning so power is compromised.

NFL is pure power.

Some of those athletes are like superheroes.

One of my goals is to train with some NFL pros.

I’m thinking down in Miami with a couple of the guys on the Miami Dolphins.

I don’t have anything set up yet.

Stay tuned…

But back to my point about competitive spirit.

A lot of life is a competition.

Not always against others, sometimes you are competing with yourself.

You need the drive to push hard even when things aren’t easy.

ESPECIALLY when things aren’t going your way.

This is why testosterone levels are so important.

When it is low, you become numb and lose interest in life… you lose the ability to compete.

Heck, you don’t even want to compete.

This is why I’m so adamant that guys get their T-levels optimized.

Get Kino Mojo

Get your frickin drive back.

When your T levels are pumped, you will seek challenges.

You will crave hard work!

It’s a game-changer.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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