Weird Proof You Have High Free Testosterone

When your T levels are high.

When your mojo is at the top echelon, women will TELL you this!

It’s not what you think...

Not too long ago, I was out with some friends.

We linked up with some girls at a club.

One of the Kino models happened to be there.

She was with her friend.

I chatted with them a little bit.

Went to a few spots and didn’t think anything of it.

The next time I saw her out, she told me…

“My roommate and I loved seeing you the other night. We felt so calm and safe in your company”.

And that’s when I understood the deeper meaning.

It’s a proven fact.

Women are attracted to men that are cool, calm, and collected.

When your testosterone is high, it signals protection and safety.

Women feel incredibly safe and calm in your company.

High testosterone communicates emotional stability, a protective instinct, and a controlled confidence that naturally draws others in.

Women, in particular, are attracted to this.

Every girl I’ve dated has told me the same thing.

They feel so safe when they are with me.

When women tell you this or something along these lines, it is very likely your t levels are high.

It’s a great sign.

But there are several other testosterone level indicators as well.

I just released a quiz that looks at these other factors.

The Testosterone Quiz

Take this today to get a solid ballpark estimate of your testosterone levels.

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