What are Good Testosterone Levels? The “Mojo Standards”

I discuss testosterone on a regular basis.

Because, as a man, it improves every facet of life.

One thing I haven’t discussed is what the various T levels mean and what to aim for.

I’ll do that in this email.

First, let’s talk about Total T.

  • 200-300 is very low
  • 300-400 is low
  • 400-500 is average
  • 500-600 is good
  • 600-800 is great
  • 800+ is super high T

The total T is a good thing to track, but free T is much more important.

All of the benefits people think of of having high natural T come down to free T.

Because free T is the “usable” form of testosterone.

It exerts its function on a cellular level.

Here’s what the free T levels mean.

  • 0-5ng/dl is very low
  • 5-10 is low
  • 10-15 is good
  • 15-20 is great
  • 20-25 is godlike

I personally do everything in my power to stay in the 20-26 range.

It makes such a big f*cking difference.

*I’m in Barcelona right now and I have honestly never felt better.

Not only physically but mentally.

Free T is your life force as a man.

It’s the lens through which you interact in the world.

Let me talk about the minimums and what free T levels to shoot for.

“The Mojo Standards” (measured as ng/dl)

  • 10-14 is AVERAGE – You are doing okay and can get by. You will still gain muscle and get lean but you definitely have to work a bit harder for it.
  • 15-20 EXCEPTIONAL – This is when you begin to separate from the pack. You will not only find it easier to progress in the gym, you will feel more ambitious and driven.
  • 21-26 GODLIKE – This is when you will feel absolutely incredible. You gain muscle easily and are imbued with godlike drive and energy.

Note: Single-digit free T is the dead zone. You never want to dip below 10 ng/dl.

I bet most men in modern times have NEVER even reached 21+ free T.

Or maybe the last time they were at that level was in their late teens or early 20s.

Remember that optimistic, energetic feeling you had when you were 18?

How easy it was to stay lean.

How you had the drive and energy to maximize each day.

How frickin horny you were, lol.

A lot of that is due to high free T.

You can get that back…

Kino Mojo will do a lot when it comes to improving your free T levels.

Most guys who take Mojo can expect a 50% increase in free T.

But we have seen several guys 2X and even 3X their free T levels.

The biggest increases happen when guys combine lifestyle changes I’ve recommended + Kino Mojo.

Quality sleep, nutritious diet, heavy lifting, natural body products, natural sunlight, and managing stress.

I consider these the “key pillars” of increasing testosterone levels.

When you combine with Mojo?

That is when the magic happens.

The key pillars raise the free T, and then Mojo amplifies those effects.

That is when we see those outstanding 2X to 3X increases.

This level of increase in free T is life-changing.

No exaggeration.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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