While Punching Bob – I Noticed THIS

When I’m back at the Kino compound in Canada, I do my best to get outside daily.

I love Canada.

Especially in the summer.

But there is a challenge here.

I noticed it when I went outside to punch Bob one afternoon in September of last year.

*Side note: Beta Boys complain when I post AI-enhanced videos like this, but this one has something like 10 million views… so I don’t listen to their sad whining.

So I’m outside and showing Bob what’s up.

  • I have my shirt off.
  • Crank some Rüfüs Du Sol.
  • Fire up the Dminder app to track Vitamin D.

I had to be out there for a while…

It took A LONG time to get enough Vitamin D, and this was a warm-ish day in September.

Bob took a beating.

I did a bit of research.

Supposedly, from November to April it is nearly impossible to get enough vitamin D from the sun in Canada.

The sun’s rays are almost insignificant at that time of year in the Northern latitudes.

This is why I highly recommend an excellent D supplement.

Kinobody D3 + K2

The reason we chose D3 is that this is the form of vitamin D that absorbs quickly into the body.

It is most effective at getting your vitamin D levels up.

Here’s why you need K2 with D3.

The D3 raises calcium.

Vitamin K2 works seamlessly with D.

It assists in directing calcium where it’s needed to strengthen your bones and muscles.

Without adequate K2, your vitamin D can become ineffective, and calcium is poorly regulated.

Calcium can wind up in your blood vessels instead of your bones.

This is why we included K2 in our supplement.

Kinobody D3 + K2

And I recommend ordering ASAP.

Winter is Coming!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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