Why I Find Miami Magical

I’ve recently got a place in Miami.

I f*ckn love it here.

Fantastic weather

An incredible nightlife.

This place is alive in a way that is hard to describe.

There is still a bit of 1980s hedonistic vibes here.

You feel the spirit of the 80s in this place.

Supposedly, this is when Miami was front and center for pop culture, fashion and rapidly grew as “the place” for the young and beautiful.

It’s still filled with incredibly attractive people.

On a level I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Especially South Beach.

This place is crawling with beautiful Latin women.

Tan skin, brown hair, and simply stunning.

The weather here really affects me in a positive way too.

I’ll go for a walk during the day.

Then, at least a few times per week, I like to go to the beach and jump in the ocean.

Walk barefoot on the beach.

Get some grounding in.

When I go back to my place, I’ll hop in the shower.

After I get out of the shower, I feel a surge of energy.

I know it is because of the Vitamin D I got during the day.

My body simply feels better down here.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love Toronto as well, but I’m addicted to the beach, palm trees, and the sun of Miami.

When I get sun, my body gains muscle more easily.

I can also get lean without having to be as strict on my diet.

My sex drive is nuts down here too.

It’s bad enough with Mojo.

But the combo of the vitamin D and hot Latin women takes it to the next level.

I’m able to have 2-3 cocktails each night.

I’ll stay up late.

And STILL put on muscle and lose body fat without even trying.

I really do think adequate levels of Vitamin D can make a huge difference.

It’s hard to beat the sun as a source.

Which is why I recommend going outside each day.

But supplementing is the next best thing.

We just released our Kinobody D3 + K2 supplement this week.

As “the sunshine vitamin,” D helps your body absorb calcium to build strong bones and teeth.

But its benefits go far beyond that…

Vitamin D is crucial for building and maintaining muscle strength and function.

It assists in powering you through challenging workouts, optimizing your gains, and speeding up recovery.

Vitamin D3 is the most easily absorbed D vitamin and helps sustain healthy vitamin D levels for extended periods.

This is why you want D3.

When you take vitamin D3, it helps your body absorb more calcium.

More calcium should lead to stronger, denser bones, right? Not necessarily.

Here’s what goes wrong with the extra calcium without K2:

  • It can accumulate in your blood vessels rather than your bones. This can damage your cardiovascular health.
  • It can deposit in your soft tissues.
  • Excess calcium in your kidneys means a higher risk of kidney stones.

Getting vitamin K2 is VITAL if you’re taking D3.

This is why we combined the K2 with the D3.

Kinobody D3 + K2

We are selling these as a 6-month supply.

Just $39.96 if you subscribe.

This comes out to less than $7 per month (less than .25 per day).

If you are living in a northern climate, this is a must.

Low vitamin D is a big-time health risk.

Kino D3 + K2

I’ll discuss more data showing the impact of low vitamin D in future emails.

Getting enough is a big deal!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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