Why I Like Mondays…

Hope you are having an epic weekend.

Saturdays always have a good vibe but I actually like Monday quite a bit now.

So why do I like Mondays?

Because this is when I check in with everyone going through coaching with us.

Here’s the weekly call schedule for our coaching.

  • Monday: The Big Kino Call with Greg
  • Tuesday: Master Meals and Recipes
  • Wednesday: Exercise Mastery and Research
  • Thursday: The Big Scott Q&A Call

It’s really rewarding for me to work directly with people to help them reach their goals.

I obviously can’t do this on a massive scale.

What we like to do is bring in a small group of guys who are all focused on this same goal (an Elite 1% physique).

I like it when 10-20 people all start at the same time.

The group dynamic is always awesome.

This is why you can’t just sign up for movie star coaching.

You have to apply.

I’m looking for people who I know are TRULY ready to take their physiques to the next level.

We also want cool supportive guys.

Don’t get me wrong, we will give you a kick in the ass if needed, but always in way that lifts you up.

So far, this group coaching has wildly exceeded my expectations.

The success rate is unmatched.

Roughly a 99% success rate.

We can’t claim a 100% success rate due to that “one guy”…

You know who you are!

He simply gave up early on.

But practically everyone who has gone through our 6-month group coaching succeeds.

We have this thing dialed in.

I do sincerely believe that I can help anyone get a movie star body if they have the right attitude.

If you feel ready, make sure and apply today.

Movie Star Coaching

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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