Why Women Are Drawn to Those Hallmark Movies

Have you ever watched one of those Hallmark channel holiday movies?

It’s possible you haven’t.

But EVERY girl you know has.

Not going to lie…

I’ve been roped into watching a couple.

The power of persuasion of a pretty girl, lmao.

Luckily, I was taking Mojo to fight the estrogenic effects of the movie.

These movies basically follow the same story every time.

Even the graphics use the same formula over and over.

I wondered if anyone had broken this down, so I Googled “Hallmark Movie Formula.”

Someone has!

It’s Fcking hilarious, too.

Each of these movies follows a 9-act structure.

Here are the two most important rules according to the writers.

  • The first rule is snow. We really wanted to do one where the basic conflict was a fear that there will not be snow on Christmas. We were told you cannot do that, there must be snow. They can’t be waiting for the snow, there has to be snow. You cannot threaten them with no snow.”
  • “You have to start with two people who, for whatever reason, don’t like each other, and you’re just maneuvering through those nine acts to get them to that kiss in the snow.”

So there is a bit of conflict.

But it always ends in kissing.

And women lap it up.

I think guys underestimate just how often women think of kissing, romance, and sex.

Women want to have sex as much as guys do.

They get extremely horny.

And they get just as frustrated as guys when they go through dry spells.

They especially crave relationships and good sex during the holidays.

People get shy about sex.

But good sex makes life so much more enjoyable.

Tip: If you aren’t having sex, lay off the porn a bit. Porn gives you the reward without having to actually meet women.

Not a good thing.

So cut the porn.

This will give you the biological drive to meet quality women.

These women want to meet masculine men.

And they want to have sex.

I recommend doing everything in your favor to be at your best when the time comes.

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When you combine the Mojo and Nitro, not only is the sex better.

You will be able to go again shortly after finishing.

This is a big deal.

Women want to go multiple rounds when they are aroused.

Don’t disappoint these hot and bothered women.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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