Women… Weight Loss Benefits of Lifting Weights

The biggest mistake I see women make is simply dieting and doing cardio for weight loss.

This can work “okay” when you are young.

A woman in her early 20s can get away with this.

Especially if they are naturally beautiful.

The problem is that over time, they lose more and more muscle mass.

Muscle is what keeps the metabolism from slowing down (especially as a woman hits 30 and beyond).

Without muscle, a woman burns very few calories per day.

I believe this is what happened to Baywatch star Yasmine Bleeth.

She’s in her early 20s on the left and 51 on the right.

I’m not trying to body shame or anything.

I’ve just noticed a pattern that women who use resistance training tend to have an easier time staying lean as they age.

There’s a study showing resistance training raises metabolic rate significantly [1], and aerobic exercise does not.

You actually lose more fat with resistance training.

And not just from metabolism and burning calories.

Let me explain.

Let’s use an example of two women who both lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks, hitting the SAME calorie deficit each day.

  • Susan (Diet and Cardio): Her 10-pound loss might be half muscle tissue. In this scenario, she only loses 5 pounds of body fat.
  • Victoria (Diet and Resistance Training): Her 10-pound loss is likely all body fat. Double the fat loss compared to Susan.

Here’s why…

Resistance training sends a signal to the body that it needs to hold on to ALL the muscle tissue.

It ensures that your daily calorie deficit targets body fat ONLY.

A calorie deficit + resistance training is the fastest way for women to create a sleek, fit, and toned body.

Resistance training accelerates fat loss.

But women are afraid of getting too big or looking manly from lifting weights.

That’s a legitimate concern.

  • The key is to give “just enough” volume to muscle groups that you want to keep slim and tight.
  • Add more volume to muscle groups where you want to build and enhance your feminine curves.

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