You Need THIS Shirt

Women are turned on by masculine men.

They love the contrast.

I’m sure you appreciate a beautiful woman in a summer dress…

Or a sexy black dress.

Women are the same.

They love clothes that scream masculinity.

Because it makes them feel more feminine.

Joe Manganiello is a prime example of a guy who gets it.

Women drool over this guy.

He does button-up shirts, jeans, and black or brown boots most of the time.

You need a great pair of jeans.

Black & Brown boots.

You also need a really well-made button-up shirt.

You don’t need a ton of these, but I would recommend a flannel and some sort of black or blue solid go-to shirt.

One of my goals has been to create the ultimate solid button-up shirt.

I believe I’ve done it.

It’s called The Utility Shirt.

I wanted to create a premium shirt that would last.

Also wanted it to be flexible enough to wear in a few ways.

  • On its own
  • Buttoned up with a t-shirt underneath
  • Unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath

I travel a lot, so I need clothes that can work in a bunch of different ways.

I f*ckn love this shirt!

It’s a medium thickness.

Made of premium, subtly textured lightweight cotton.

Tailored to fit broad shoulders and v-taper.

It looks better the longer you own it.

We have it in navy blue as well as black.

You will want to act quickly here.

We sold out of most of the sizes of our Kino Flannel shirts about 3-4 days after launching.

The same thing could happen here.

Grab your shirt ASAP!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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