You Need to Watch This…

I did a podcast on “The Associates” YouTube channel.

This one was particularly good, in my opinion.

Here’s why.

I was painfully shy as a teenager.

When I was 14, I posted videos on Youtube and kids in my school found out.

They didn’t even make fun of me.

I just didn’t like this attention in real life.

I deleted my channel.

*Speaking of being a kid, I highly recommend watching the movie Boyhood, btw. Filmed over a 12-year period and shows a boy growing into a confident young adult.

I want to let you know you absolutely can overcome mental blocks.

Things that are holding you back.

I really do believe getting in phenomenal shape is what is going to let you come out of your shell.

Once you get in the top 1% physically…

Your mind slowly starts to shift.

I gained just enough confidence to jumpstart a Youtube channel and start a blog in my late teens.

I still wasn’t super confident.

I would mumble a bit.

Something was holding me back.

But as I went from getting into good shape to Movie Star Shape things changed for me.

  • I became more confident.
  • This energy attracted women into my life.
  • It helped me believe in bigger goals.
  • Each day became fun, colorful and rewarding.

After a couple of years, I completely got out of my shell.

It’s weird looking back.

Life changed drastically changed for the better.

This was shot in 2015, just a couple of years after my video showing my lack of confidence.

I know what getting in incredible shape can do for you…

Because I’ve lived it.

Here’s a link to that podcast.

EP24: Kinobody Gives An Exclusive Look Into How He Built His Fitness Empire

My hope is that this podcast shakes a few people out of the Matrix.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


There really is a better life out there for you.

When you are stuck in a mental prison, the best way out is to take a physical approach.

You can’t really think your way out of it.

The same brain that got you stuck can’t really be relied upon to solve this problem.

You need two things.

  • A physical transformation
  • Reprogramming from a source outside of yourself.

We cover both of those things here.

Kinobody Coaching

If you are truly ready to change, we can make incredible things happen for you.