From Out of Shape to Movie Star Body

I have a really impressive transformation to share.

With a before-and-after pic…

That almost doesn’t look like the same person.

Tim is a guy who has lifted since he was a young adult.

But in his quest for muscle, strength, and size, he added a lot of body fat.

This is the point where Tim knew it was time to get serious.

He was fed up with feeling mediocre.

So he did what many guys do.

  • Trained 6 days per week.
  • Added more exercises, more volume, etc.
  • Drastically cut calories.

This approach “sort of worked”.

He did lose some of that body fat and even gained a bit of muscle.

The problem was that he was still far from his goal.

Then he found Kinobody.

^Almost everyone who finds us comes from a similar background… being frustrated by the lack of results from the traditional lifting and dieting approaches.

We occasionally get pure beginners joining.

But for the most part, it is guys who have used several programs before ours.


Tim is the perfect example of this.

Here he is now!

*Tim used my Movie Star system + Mojo Stack to build strength and muscle increase free T levels while dropping body fat (body recomp).

I’m convinced his previous approach crushed his T levels.

Too much exercise volume with strict dieting is a recipe for high cortisol and low testosterone.

This is why guys get stuck.

And the harder they push, the tougher it becomes to get lean and add muscle.

But if they follow my system, we can get them out of this.

Tim is now focusing on the key lifts and just training 3 times per week.

He is also taking the Mojo Stack.

This further optimizes testosterone, energy, and blood flow.

Every guy who does Movie Star and winds up looking as chiseled and shredded as Tim typically gets their free T in the 15-20+ range.

The Mojo stack is incredible for this.

Right now, you can get the Mojo Stack, a complete training system, nutrition plan, and group as part of one package.

Mojo Mastery 2.0 (Limited Offer)

We are launching this at $99 per month.

This includes the Mojo Stack which is a $75 per month value.

We plan on eventually raising the price to $249 per month.

Join Mojo Mastery

Dial in your free T with the Mojo Stack.

And follow my new 2024 three-day workout I’m currently using and sharing inside the group.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher