#1 Exercise to Build Impressive Biceps

If you aren’t doing weighted chin-ups and pull-ups you are missing out.

EMG muscle activation tests show that these work the biceps better than any other exercise.

Even better than curls.

The peak contraction is at the top of the movement, too, unlike most curling exercises.

*The key to working your biceps is to grip the bar shoulder width or narrower when doing chin-ups.

I recommend doing these without using wrist wraps.

Forearm development is one of the things women find attractive in a man, but there’s another important reason to avoid straps.

If your upper arm strength increases dramatically and your forearms stay weak?

You are setting yourself up for elbow issues.

The stronger your forearms are, the less likely it is that you will experience elbow tendonitis.

If you are experiencing elbow pain when doing chin-ups I recommend a few sets of wrist curls after your workout.

I also recommend a few light sets of a specific exercise twice per week.

*Kneel down on one side of a bench and do slow super-light curls with your elbow braced against the bench and your wrist bent back.

Here’s a link to this video.

Three Steps to FIX Golfers Elbow in 2 Weeks

A few notes from video:

  • Use 5-15 pound dumbells
  • 4-5 reps on each arm
  • Three sets
  • Twice per week
  • Focus on slow Negatives
  • Pause or go slower through pain points

Several studies have shown that focusing on the eccentric part of a lift (the lowering or negative part of a lift) can strengthen and help repair irritated muscle groups or tendons.

The key is to go light.

After a month or two, you should feel much better.

At that point, you can maybe do this just once per week or every other week to prevent future issues.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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