What Losing 1 Pound a Week Looks Like

I’ve mentioned recently that, ideally, we like it when guys lose about 1 pound of fat per week.

Losing a little bit faster is okay.

Just don’t go over 1.5 pounds of fat loss per week if you want to maintain or gain muscle.

I want to show you what a pound of fat loss per week looks like.

Carl joined our Coaching program on Jan 1st, 2023.

He started at 163 pounds.

Sliced off 13 lbs of fat in the last 12 weeks while getting stronger (roughly 1 pound per week).

This steady fat-loss approach works wonders.

His physique is looking chiseled while being 13 pounds lighter.

Carl is thrilled.

I recently asked him questions about his experience with Movie Star Coaching

1. Where were you before working with me & getting my program?

I’d toyed around with other fitness programs and a local trainer, but I wasn’t tracking what I was eating or following any kind of real plan. I lifted 5-6x a week and did cardio every now and then, but not much structure and wasn’t tracking gains or progress.

I had tried out the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program several years ago and had some success, but I didn’t follow the program as strictly as I should’ve, so my results probably could’ve been much better.

2. What were you skeptical of? What held you back from taking action sooner?

I was really skeptical that I could eat the kinds of foods I’ve been eating on my Kinobody coaching program and see actual progress and get lean. I was also nervous about signing up for another fitness program after doing a massive bulk in 2020 that left me 25 lbs heavier, super fluffy, and with a good amount of fat to lose.

I was also worried about only lifting 3x a week, since I need to exercise at least once a day to fall asleep and feel accomplished.

3. What was your BIG breakthrough from the coaching/program?

Honestly, trusting in lifting only 3x a week. I assumed I needed to live in the gym to get the results I’ve seen on this program. Also figuring out ways to follow the meal plans provided by Ricky while swapping out different foods/ingredients/desserts that still met the same calories/macros.

While I’ve followed the meal plans and macros/calories pretty closely, I’ve been in no way perfect. However, I don’t feel like I’m actually following a strict plan because I’m able to be flexible, adjust quickly, and swap out foods when I need something new.

4. What have been your specific results from the coaching/program?

Hands down, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’m in my late 30’s. Wild. My pant size is down 3 sizes, but I feel like I have more muscle definition, and my lifts have gone up while cutting down. Excited to start the Greek God accelerator program and try a lean bulk next!

5. Who would you recommend this program/coaching for?

I wish I’d followed this program when I first started lifting in my early 20’s because I feel like I wasted so much time spinning my wheels doing what I thought random trainers on steroids and Menshealth told me I needed to do.

I’d also recommend this program for anyone tired of not seeing results from typical fitness/nutrition programs that require 5+ lifts a week and multiple small and unsatisfying meals per day. I don’t miss Sunday meal prepping at all. I seriously can’t believe I get to eat dessert every night and am seeing my abs for the first time. I’ve both never worked harder to stick to a fitness and nutrition plan, but never felt more flexibility and less stress in following it. It’s changed my perspective on fitness and nutrition and I’m never going back.


My goal is to solve fitness for you COMPLETELY.

This is where our coaching program comes in.

I’ve been doing this long enough with enough guys that I’m familiar with every roadblock you are likely to encounter.

If you are ready to level up?

Consider working with us directly.

My coaching program isn’t for everyone.

But for those who are serious, coachable and take action?

This can be life-changing.

If you are ready to experience a f*ckn unreal transformation.

Check out our coaching program:

Movie Star Body Accelerator

This short video on that page will give you all the details.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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