Incredible 16-Week Transformation!

Another Movie Star Masterclass transformation.

Kevin lost 17 pounds in 16 weeks.

More importantly, lost 4 inches off his waist and gained muscle on his chest, arms, and legs.

*His waist went from 34″ to 30″ and weight from 180 lbs to 163 lbs (He’s 5’7″ btw).

I’m guessing he added 4-5 pounds of muscle, so true fat loss numbers are over 20 pounds.

He looks incredible here, but…

He wants to lose 5 more pounds to be truly f*ckn shredded.

We are going to have him reduce his training a bit and follow the 2X per week minimalist routine included in Movie Star Masterclass.

After following this next protocol, we will take a look at where Kevin ends up.

He will be shredded…

But if he wants to add more muscle and make further tweaks to his physique, we can tell him exactly what to do.

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Greg O’Gallagher