2-3 LBS of Fat Loss Per Month to Get Shredded?

Systematic steady fat loss beats crash dieting every time.

Here’s a prime example…

A killer transformation by Sion.

From a puffy 191 lbs to a hardened 171 lbs at 6’1!⁣

Sion struggled with getting lean and everything he tried was too restrictive.⁣

He joined my program and followed my recomposition protocol and began cutting off 2-3 lbs of pure fat each month easily while getting stronger.⁣

  • He built himself up to 75 lbs weighted chin-ups for 5 (started at bodyweight)⁣
  • 95 lbs incline DB presses for 5 (started at 60’s)⁣
  • 135 lbs standing press for 5 (started at 90 lbs)⁣

And in 8 months he completely transformed!!!

*The recomp protocol is great for those of you that want to make fat loss super easy and enjoyable and aren’t in a rush to get lean.

You can slice off 2-3 lbs of pure body fat each month while getting harder and stronger.

Ready to join my system?!

Recomp Protocol (covered here)

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Greg O’Gallagher

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