2 Foods That Make You More Attractive

I know this sounds iffy, but hear me out.

There’s a study shows two foods that make men more attractive to women.

  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potatoes/Yams

I mentioned this a while back on Instagram.

The reason for this is carrots and sweet potatoes are high in carotenoids that can increase skin yellowness and attractiveness.

I have a theory here.

Pinkish skin isn’t as masculine looking as a yellow or olive complexion.

Carrots and sweet potatoes can help here.

If you have darker skin probably not an issue.

This is more of a white guy problem.

But even if you have a medium or dark complexion, you STILL might want to eat these two foods.

I know carrots aren’t too exciting…

But sweet potatoes and yams are incredible.

They taste really damn good, even without any toppings.

Like regular potatoes, they are satiating and make it easier to stick to your calories without getting hungry.

They also make your SCENT more attractive to women.

When I posted this on Instagram, there were skeptics.

I get it…

And I’m not saying this is like some secret to attracting hot women.

But every little bit helps.

If you are going to eat potatoes anyway, why not swap out for sweet potatoes or yams for a bit?

See if your skin looks a little better.

I also offer two supplements that will help when it comes to skin health.

  • Kino Collagen Protein: The skin loses 1% collagen per year, which is why it becomes wrinkly over the years. Taking collagen slows down this process.
  • Kino Nitro: This increases blood flow which gives your skin more color and makes it more vibrant. Nitro also contains potent antioxidants which fight free radicals that damage and age the skin.

So add sweet potatoes or yams to your diet.

You are going to want protein in your diet anyway, you might as well take Kino Collagen to become a handsome Kino Warrior sex pot, LMAO.

You are also going to want the pumps.

So Nitro your sh*t up before your workout.

This will add a little more beauty to those killer pumps.

Just try not to stare in the mirror too long while admiring yourself.

I know it’s hard!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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