Working Out 2 Versus 3 Times Per Week

Back in February, I decided to get active on Twitter.

Early on, I posted a mirror selfie.

With the caption…

“If people genuinely knew they could hit the weights 2x per week and support a great physique – a heck of a lot more people would be lean and fit. Just 2 lifts per week is all I’ve done for the last 7 months.”

Someone retweeted it and it went viral.

Elon Musk even commented on it!

Thanks for the exposure, Elon.

I captured this screenshot shortly after Elon commented.

This Twitter post now has 1.4 million views and 3,500 likes.

It’s STILL getting comments!

Elon obviously sparked the fire here.

This post is still getting comments.

People do NOT believe it is possible to get results lifting 2 times per week.

They believe that it HAS to be steroids.

Here’s an example.

You can get in great shape if you know what you’re doing with a lot less work than people think.

And it’s not about being in the gym 5-6 days a week.

Being in the gym is not important.

Walking to a gym does not mean anything.

What means something is effort and pushing yourself hard and producing a positive change.

Go in the gym today.

Look around how many people are pushing are actually pushing the envelope and actually applying good effort. 

They’re stopping the sets.

And they don’t even look tired.

They’re like half-assing it!

Training with proper intensity followed by recovery is a rare thing that creates an impressive physique.

People aren’t used to seeing this so they assume it’s steroids.

People aren’t pushing themselves.

They’re not tracking lifts.

I’ve actually learned that I can get insane results with 2 workouts a week.

With 2 workouts a week, my appetite is lower and makes it easier to stay lean.

When I’m hitting the weights more often I want to eat more.

I’ve been lifting for 20 years.

So there is no need for me to lift 3 times per week.

You absolutely can make gains from lifting 2 times per week.

Many of my coaching clients are making gains training 2 times per week.

^This guy does have a good point, though.

If someone is far from their genetic potential.

If they need to build up a base of strength and add a lot of muscle, then 3 times per week will help them reach close to their limits just a little faster than 2 times per week.

Once they build up a base they are happy with?

Then switch to 2 times per week.

So 3 times per week in the beginning and 2 times per week from that point forward.

One crucial point if you are considering training 2 times per week.

EACH workout has to be dialed in because you don’t get another chance the following day.

You don’t ever want to have a half-ass workout.

You need to lift with f*ckn aggression.

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