3 Things Swimsuit Models Find Attractive

Last week was a blast.

Kino Mojo is blowing up beyond my wildest expectation.

Because of this, I booked an indoor pool and invited four beautiful Kino Angels in for a photo shoot.

Gave my best “Blue Steel”.

Zoolander would be proud.

But seriously, I feel f*ckn great right now.

There’s a high level of energy, optimism, and confidence that I haven’t felt in a while.

I attribute this largely to Kino Mojo.

The ingredients have been proven to work with the research to back this, but you really need to feel this to be a believer.

I’m sold.

Back to the photoshoot…

One of the fun parts was asking these 4 models what they found sexiest in a man.

There was a common theme.

*All four models mentioned Spark, Energy, and Confidence.

When testosterone is low, guys lack this “spark”.

The spark is created by strong masculine energy (some call this being an alpha or big dick energy).

Women can sense it.

There have actually been studies where they can SMELL this in men.

The scent of sweat in men changes as their t-levels increase.

You can’t fake it.

The way to acquire these traits is by boosting your testosterone.

Kino Mojo is the best formula on the market right now for boosting your testosterone using natural ingredients.

The feedback for this has been f*ckn incredible so far.

  • Higher sex drive and morning wood
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Increase in strength and muscle mass
  • Higher drive and ambition
  • Greater confidence

When t-levels are high, life becomes better.

You will be ready for whatever life throws at you…

*Like when a Kino Angel attacks you with a pool noodle… my noodle-dodging skills are on point!

I want you to feel this same insane drive and energy I’m feeling right now.

It’s too f*ckn good.

Grab your Mojo today…

Kino Mojo (Testosterone Optimization Formula)

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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