4 Daily Steps to Get Lean With High T

I remember hearing that getting lean kills your testosterone levels.

Was warned to never go below 10-12% body fat.

That it would kill my T levels and sex drive, etc.

Here’s the reality.

It’s NOT low body fat that crushes your testosterone levels, it is the drastic measures most people use to get lean that screws them up.

If you follow my approach, this won’t happen.

Take a guy by the name of Okay Ogut, for instance.

He got shredded to his all-time low body fat level using my methods while taking The Mojo Stack.

His libido and testosterone increased.

This is because the deficit was kept at around 400 calories per day.

And 3 workouts per week.

He got his daily steps in.

Check this out…

When Okay had his testosterone tested in 2022, he had 302 total T and 7.7 free T.

He had tested again recently.

After taking the Mojo Stack for a year, his total T went from 302 to 757… and his free T more than TRIPLED!

It was a combo of doing things the right way…

Not going too extreme with diet and workouts.

Supplementing with nutrients most of us are deficient in.

Let’s talk a little more about getting lean.

Here are the 4 steps I recommend to get to 10% body fat or lower while maintaining high T levels.

1. Fast for five hours:

Fast for the first 5 hours of the day. If you wake up at 7am, you fast until 12pm. If you wake up at 10am, you fast until 3pm. Five hours is the perfect amount of time to fast after rising. Fasting makes it easy to hit your calorie deficit while improving insulin sensitivity. It puts your body into fat-burning mode instead of eating an early breakfast and burning food for energy. Also has an anti-aging effect and can trigger cellular repair.

2. Walk 10-12k steps daily:

Intense cardio or things like HIIT do burn a lot of calories. The problem is that there is a “cardio compensation” effect. Studies show people move less and eat more when cardio is too intense. Walking does not have this issue. When you burn an extra 500-600 calories per day through walking, it shouldn’t increase your appetite. It also won’t zap your energy or interfere with muscle gains. I recommend 10-12k steps per day, but if you have time to do a little more, it’s even better!

3. Hit calories and protein:

Everyone who is trying to build muscle seems to be obsessed with protein. I’m guessing that if you are reading this, you are getting enough protein. I have found .8g per pound of bodyweight works well. The biggest mistake I see with people is when it comes to calories. They diet too hard, which means their bodies are lacking in nutrients (kills T levels)… and it isn’t sustainable. Then they eventually binge eat and go way over in calories. This is a recipe for weight gain. The sweet spot is 13 calories per pound of goal bodyweight. Eat a balance of protein, carbs, and fat to keep T levels high. None of that keto or low-fat nonsense.

4. Take Mojo & Nitro: These are sold together as The Mojo Stack.

Let’s first talk about Kino Mojo. There are three key minerals that support high T levels in men – Zinc, Magnesium, and Boron. When you correct deficiencies in these minerals, testosterone levels rise. In addition to that, there are two powerful herbs that can support even greater testosterone production: Tongkat Ali and Forskohlii. Tongkat Ali has pro-erectile and anti-estrogenic properties. It’s single-handedly the best supplement you can take for higher T levels. Forskohlii increases free T and also increases cAMP which has been shown to enhance fat loss. I take 3 capsules of Mojo with my first meal each day.

Kino Nitro, which increases blood flow. I like taking Nitro first thing in the day. Blood is involved in nearly every aspect of human life – Exercise, thinking, anti-aging, immune function, recovery, and of course, sex. Kino nitro has vitamin C, garlic extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, niacin, and arugula extract to massively improve blood flow and energy. My favorite benefit of nitro is wicked pumps in the gym, more energy, better-looking skin, and insane bedroom performance. In fact, pine bark extract has been shown to improve collagen production in the skin and help cure 90% of mild to moderate ED in men.

Note: The Mojo Stack is our best-selling supplement. Most of my clients who take Mojo, stack it with Nitro.

The key thing with getting lean is hitting a calorie deficit that you can sustain.

Aim for 13 calories per pound of your goal body weight.

Get in your 10k+ daily steps.

Hit your protein numbers, but also have a balance of carbs and fat (both important for maintaining your T levels).

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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