4 Signs You Have Low Testosterone

There are 4 major signs to look for to see if your T levels are bottoming out.

1. First off, you’re not waking up with erections anymore.

When your T is high, you should be waking up with insane boners every morning.

If your “soldier” isn’t saluting you bright and early, that’s a bad sign.

2. Second red flag is that your sex drive is in the gutter.

You don’t think about sex a lot.

You don’t masturbate, and you really just don’t care about it. It’s not important to you at all.

3. Third sign is you have a hard time putting on muscle and getting lean.

When your T is high, gaining muscle is easy and predictable.

As you lift heavy and gain strength, you add muscle, and when you lean down you maintain all that muscle you gained.

4. Finally, you are half-assing it in the gym, career, and life in general.

For people who have very high testosterone, effort feels good.

You want to push yourself, and you want to train hard.

You’re more drawn to lifting heavy and you’re more drawn to competitive sports.

*I’m willing to bet Michael Jordan’s free T levels were off the charts back in his prime. Fierce and competitive as hell while maintaining 7-8% body fat levels.

Speaking of competitive sports…

A former pro basketball player from Turkey, named Okay Ogut has been using my workout programs for a while.

He gained muscle and got lean.

He looked “pretty good” but didn’t want to settle for just looking okay.

So he got his testosterone levels checked to make sure he was good there.

Turns out his levels weren’t great.

He got his bloodwork done, took The Mojo Stack, and then reached out to me with his stellar results.

He doubled his total testosterone.

Increased his Free T by 50% in just 4 months.

Here’s before.

Total T is 302.

And here’s after.

Total T is 628, and Free T is 103.

A f*ckn 300+ point increase in Testosterone!

This made a big difference in his physique.

He went from lean with a bit of muscle definition.

To completely chiseled.

This is a result of just a few months on The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro).

The workouts and diet were kept the same.

High testosterone absolutely makes a difference in your looks.

You still need to be smart with your diet and workout but…

It gives you the ability to hit the top 1% when it comes to male physiques.

Makes your face more angular and handsome as well.

But testosterone goes WAY beyond just looking better.

This is what drives a man to challenge himself and reach great heights in all areas of life.

I’m in a couple of masterminds with high-achieving men.

*The common thing I notice with driven men is that they are competitive, and they have all the trademarks of high testosterone levels.

Almost all of these guys are in incredible shape.

They are full of energy.

Full of vitality.

There’s just an aura that is hard to describe.

People turn their heads when they enter a room.

They are also surrounded by stunning, high-quality feminine women.

*Beautiful feminine women are drawn to masculine, high-achieving men.

Why wouldn’t they be?

These women aren’t average, so why should they settle for average men?

Instead of accepting the reality of “being average”…

Take action!

Create a vision for your life, focus and work hard towards that vision.

  • Who would you need to become to date stunning women?
  • To earn money for your dream house.
  • To take multiple month-long vacations each year.

I’ll tell you one thing for certain.

High testosterone is going to give you the intense drive and competitive spirit necessary to make this happen.

Get my most proven testosterone-boosting formula.

The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

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A win-win.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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